Why is Go Sail Greece so special?

Go Sail Greece is a totally new adventure with a fresh itinerary. Here are the 6 main reasons why this tour is unique:

  1. It’s a tour with two halves! Half the tour is a Sail Greece experience on a boat with swim stops, while sleeping and eating meals on board.
  2. The other half is an island-hopping-by-ferry extravaganza.
  3. You explore BOTH of Greece’s parts of the Mediterranean: the Ionian Sea in the west (on the boat), and the Aegean Sea in the east (by ferry).
  4. You also visit 2 other destinations in Greece: the capital Athens, and a Greek village halfway between the Ionian and Aegean called Nafpaktos.
  5. You visit 6 islands in total – 3 in the Ionian (Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakynthos) and 3 Cyclades islands in the Aegean (Mykonos, Ios, Santorini).
  6. Value for money! Compare the price of this trip with other Greek island tours and you’ll get a pleasant surprise.

A brief history of Greek Sails and island-hopping in Greece:

Aside from famous destinations like Athens and Delphi, tours of Greece heavily focus on the coastal regions and many of the more famous of this country’s 6000 islands. However, island and coast hopping in a Greek boat is not as simple as it is in Croatia and Turkey! Croatia Sails and Turkey Sails involve a boat or gulet of around 16-18 capacity (Turkey) or 25-40 capacity (Croatia) that can get between coastal destinations in 3-5 hours, with time for a refreshing swim stop or two in the morning or around lunch-time. Bliss!

This contrasts with Greece. Many of the “big-name” islands on the Aegean side, such as Ios, Santorini, and Mykonos, are so far from each other. A Croatia or Turkey style boat cannot get between them in a day. In addition, the wind conditions between those islands in that region can be too extreme. A smaller boat may not make a crossing between islands. This means that Greek island tours in the Aegean with companies such as Med Experience or Contiki are only able to be done with ferries. These tours are led by a tour guide.

This is where Go Sail Greece comes in. We offer an amazing 50/50 tour. It’s a real Sail Greece experience on a boat in the more sheltered Ionian islands. This is combined with ferry-led island-hopping in the Aegean!

Here are more details on those stunning Greek destinations on this Go Sail Greece tour:

One of our Go Sail Greece gulet boats, EROS, at sunset.

The best of Athens and a bonus Greek village:

One of the attractions of this tour is that you get to spend some time exploring mainland Greece. It’s often overlooked when island hopping. When we transfer from the Ionian to the Aegean (and vice-versa), there is a little surprise stop along the way!

Situated halfway between Athens and Lefkada, the gorgeous settlement of Nafpaktos nestles on the Gulf of Corinth. It makes for the perfect lunch stop!

Here you can explore the sites of this picturesque seaside town before continuing across country. You can head to the bustling capital of Athens or to Lefkada depending on which route you are doing.

Nafpaktos castle, peeking out above the seaside town

Athens is not short of activities in the slightest! From the Acropolis to the Parthenon, explore the ancient sites that give us an insight into the origins of modern-day society. Get philosophical with your friends discussing the great talkers of the past, relax in the sunshine with a Koulouri in hand, strolling through the sprawling streets filled with character (and characters!). Spend the evening relaxing with your new friends or go full send in the many bars and clubs in Athen’s booming nightlife scene.

The Acropolis, Athens

The charm of the Ionian isles:

The Ionian islands lie to the west of mainland Greece, facing Italy. The islands, previously occupied by the Republic of Venice, bear heavy influences from Venetian architecture. This influence makes the towns and villages unlike any others you will find in Greece. Fortresses, churches, mansions, and medieval buildings scatter across the isles. Cruise with us between charming Ionian villages, the glowing blue coves of Kefalonia and the dramatic landscapes and hidden waterfalls of Lefkada. See the famous shipwreck beach in Zakynthos, along with many other coves, caves, and beaches when we stop for our lunches and swim breaks!

Lefkada island, with impressive white cliffs

After spending your day swimming, relaxing, and eating (Greek cuisine is some of the best in the world!) you can head out to the numerous seaside bars, including the hidden Cameo bar, situated on a private island a short drive from Zakynthos beach! The nightlife on Zakynthos (also known as Zante) is pretty famous, and the ultimate destination for ‘white parties’ with champagne, swimming pools and worldwide DJs performing for tourists travelling from all over the world.

Traditional Ionian village, Kefalonia

Cameo bar, Zakynthos

The charm of the Aegean isles (the Cyclades group):

The Aegean islands are the largest group of islands surrounding Greece. For this reason they are split up into subcategories and the islands we will take you through are the better known of the Aegean: the Cyclades Islands. With one of our start points being the world-famous Santorini, which boasts the most picturesque sunsets, whitewashed domed buildings, and iconic windmills – the perfect Instagram shots! Santorini isn’t the only famous island we will take you to as we also ferry-hop to Ios and Mykonos. With white sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and quaint hilltop villages, there is simply heaps to explore on these islands.

Santorini at sunset

One of the items on our itinerary is Chora village in Ios. This traditional Cycladic village is built amphitheatrically between sloping hills and seaside cliffs. Take a walk through the winding paved streets, admire the peaceful feel of this charming little settlement, and grab a coffee and a bite to eat whilst taking in the idyllic scenery, in one Greece’s last untouched settlements, before the madness of the nighttime sets in…

Chora village, Ios

If partying is your style, the Cyclades nightlife will blow you away. All three of our stops in this archipelago boast some of the most vibrant parties in Greece. Mykonos is world-renowned as the Ibiza of Greece. People from all over the world come here to experience the beachside nightclubs, vibrant bars, and general atmosphere of FUN.

We hope you agree with our (very biased!) opinion – this Go Sail Greece itinerary is unbeatable!

Beach party on Mykonos